L´OVINE contactless soap dispenser

Convenience, speed, energy efficiency

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Modern design

The automatic soap dispenser is convenient for use in bathrooms, kitchens, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. The lightweight design is also suitable for camping outdoors. With a transparent body design, you can match the color of the soap to your laundry room. 



Generates foam in 0.25 seconds, saving more water and time.


To prevent bacteria from forming in traditional soap dispensers that need to be pressed by hand, touch soap dispensers are more popular with customers.

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IPX6 waterproof technology to prevent soap or water leakage.


Large 350 ml container to prevent frequent soap changes.

High capacity transparent non-contact dispenser

✔️Large capacity
✔️Environmentally friendly materials
✔️Away from bacteria and viruses
✔️Energy saving
✔️Smart home solution

Suurepärane sinu perele, kohvikusse, kontorisse, kooli, hotelli, restorani. Läbipaistva keredisainiga saate seebi värvi oma pesuruumiga sobitada. IPX3 veekindel tehnoloogia, et vältida seebi või vee lekkimist. Sobib ka desinfitseerimisvahendiga kasutamiseks.
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